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Why is Palo Santo one of the Best Space & Aura Cleansers?

Tribal Shamans carried out purification rituals smudging homes or "infected" spaces to bring balance, harmony, good health, and good fortune to their tribes. Palo Santo, a sacred heritage of the South American people, has traditionally been used in these rituals.

Also known as "Holy Wood," Palo santo is a mystical tree grown on the coast of South America, from the Yucatan Peninsula to Ecuador and Peru, and is from the same botanical family (Burseraceae) as frankincense and myrrh. The wood and essential oil of this tree are highly regarded in shamans' and healers' spiritual world, and they have been used to cleanse auras and spaces for thousands of years, dating to the Incas.

The Palo Santo wood is only harvested from naturally fallen trees and branches that lie dead for 4-10 years. The wood is used to produce incense and essential oil from hydro-distillation. This tree is ethically harvested and treated with Love, Care and Respect by a family who has planted more than 30,000 trees over the past decade.

Today, Palo Santo is used by modern-day Shamans and healers, who are aware of the effects of "negative energies" from the residues of previous clients' issues. It is essential for a practitioner's health and well-being to cleanse a space after each client. It also makes it safe and easy for the next client to be in a neutral environment.

Anyone can clear their aura and their living space with either the smoke from the wood or a spray made from the essential oil of Palo Santo as a protective measure against psychic attacks and keeping at bay such bad influences as envy, jealousy, and resentment. Although unseen, these negative feelings can be as harmful as a physical attack on a person. The catchphrase "if looks could kill", could not be closer to the truth. When directed at a person, a negative vibe attaches itself like a cord in their aura, causing discomfort and even disease at times.

Regular practice of smudging and spraying of Palo Santo in one's environment creates a constant space of high vibration. In this sacred space, the energy flow is positive, attracting abundance and achieving a heightened level of awareness and spirituality.

The healing benefits of diffusing Palo Santo are:

  • Purifies the atmosphere before and after healing
  • Strengthens the aura – electromagnetic field
  • Calming and grounding
  • Bring focus and clarity to the mind
  • Spiritually uplifting

The pleasant scent released from the Palo Santo spray or wood use raises your vibration in preparation for healing and meditation. It connects you to your Higher-self, bringing balance, positivity, and good fortune to anyone who allows themself to be touched by its magic.

Aside from its mental, emotional and spiritual applications, Palo Santo offers strong physical therapeutic benefits to fighting illnesses and strengthening the immune system. Its grounding and calming properties make it an ideal resource for those looking to taking responsibility for their physical well-being. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which are due to its high content of antioxidants and photochemical called terpenes, including limonene and a-terpineol, make the use of the Palo Santo essential oil very effective; especially in the treatment of free radical damages, stress-related problems such as stomach aches, pains caused by arthritis, and many other conditions, even cancer symptoms.

The primary purpose of Palo Santo is to remove "bad energies," whether they in the environment or hanging around in our energy fields. On a metaphysical level, it is believed that diseases start in our auras first and then gradually penetrate our physical bodies to manifest into the many different forms of illnesses experienced by many of us. Regular use of Palo Santo can keep us safe by creating a protective energetic shield around us, keeping harmful energies at bay. Who would not want to have a constant positive feel around them?

Zulekha’s Palo Santo Aura & Space Cleanser

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