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Valentine Essential Oils – I Love You!

Unleash the Love Within You with the Valentine’s Day Essential Oils Pack

We all want to love and be loved, especially on Valentine’s Day. But with all the stresses and distraction of modern life, it can be difficult to put you and your partner into the right mode to make Valentine’s Day as special as it should be.When you use our especially designed Valentine essential oil products you will find that they easily create magic moments, evoking feelings of pure romance while you whisper “I Love You” to each other.

Valentine’s Day is the worst day to end in disappointment, so make sure that it’s a night to remember with my Valentine’s range of essential oil products, all personally and carefully designed to bring out the most intense romance in you, your partner and your room.

To use on yourself

The ‘I Love You!’ roll-on essential oil blend has been designed to bring out a feeling of excitement and make you the best “you” that you can be. A blend of essential oils with aphrodisiac properties comprising of euphoric ylang-ylang, uplifting rosewood and sweet, delicate and sexy geranium will induce a buzzing sensation like you’re in love for the first time again.

By being a more affectionate and confident person, you will be more attractive to your partner who will in turn feel more relaxed and affectionate towards you. We all have “off” days, but with the “I Love You!’ roll-on, you can make sure that Valentine’s Day isn’t one of them.

To use in the room

It’s difficult to get in the mood if your environment feels uncomfortable. Whether you’re treating your partner to a home-cooked meal or have invited them into your bedroom, the ‘Magic Moments!’ essential oil spray will imbue the space warm and relaxing energy that will bring out the magic in both of you.

This fine mist of erotic blue lotus, libido enhancing sandalwood and sensual myrrh doesn’t only smell wonderful, it also transports you and your partner to a space where anything is possible, helping the two of you break down your inhibitions, forget about the stresses of daily life and just let magic happen.

To use on someone else

By the time your partner’s in the bedroom, the night’s probably already gone well. But this is no time to get lazy: why not fully immerse your partner in sensations of comfort, affection and love with ‘Sensuous Massage Oil’?

This luxurious oil features the same blend of essential oils at the ‘I Love You!’ roll-on, (euphoric ylang-ylang, uplifting rosewood and sweet, delightful and sexy geranium), but instead of applying it to yourself, you’re applying it to your partner. The combination of blissful, silky sensations of the massage and the exciting energy from the essential oils will give your partner an experience of true romance.

To use again and again

While these products are perfect for Valentine’s Day, you can also use them whenever you want to bring out the romance in yourself or others, whether it’s your first date or your hundredth.

After you’ve used the roll-on, spray and massage oil on Valentine’s Day, you’ll have plenty left over to create many more magic moments for a life full of live.

Click here to buy your Valentine’s Day pack of essential oils, which includes the ‘I Love You!’ roll-on, the ‘Magic Moments!’ room spray and the ‘Sensuous Massage Oil’ for just £35.95

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