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The Trials & Successes of Zulekha Therapies – Part 2

Zulekha Therapies is only 6 years old, but the idea behind it and the journey to get here started 20 years ago. An uphill and shaky road, not for the fainthearted.

Felt great when it all fell in place.

My next step was to create natural aromatherapy products for everyday use that will enhance people’s lives physically, mentally and emotionally. At the time, essential oils were only used for massage and the only natural products were those offered by the Body Shop owned then by Anita Rodick.

That was indeed a very hard path to choose, the tunnels were endless and the roads shaky and treacherous. But, my passion for the products took me through all these hardships. Now, that I have helped hundreds of clients with skin problems, hair loss, cuts, burns, bumps, bruises and psychological problems such as sleeplessness, recurring headaches and much more, those times of endless research for all the details that went into making these products viable to be sold to the public, seem like a distant memory, albeit one that I will always keep close to my heart.

In 2003, I received all of my Reiki attunnements, up to master teacher level. Equipped with this wonderful knowledge and energy, I was able to continue healing myself on a deeper level and helped many others.

In 2006, my family was shockingly attacked on a psychlogical level and this attack threw me off balance. I prayed and searched for help and what presented to me was Shamanic healing. Using this practice, I was able to heal the effects of that trauma and move to a better place in my life. I now have the experience and expertise to help those who have the misfortune as I did to encounter such traumatic situations.

In 2011, my healing room sprays were accepted by Watkins Books in Leicester Square and Buddha on a Bicycle in Covent Garden.

My best gift this year is to see my article on Palo Santo featured in Kindred Spirit Magazine.

If you would like to dramatically change your life this year, please click on the link below and download the document:

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