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The Hidden Connection between Reiki and Aromatherapy

There is an undeniable connection between Reiki and the essential oils used in aromatherapy, more than the diffusing of a relaxing aromatherapy blend in the Reiki treatment room.

This connection is very much at a deeper level, the core level of both therapies and proper knowledge in how to make use of it, will provide the recipient benefits that extend far beyond using one therapy at a time and the effects are longer lasting.

When giving Reiki to a client, the practitioner will channel energy from a higher source and this energy will go where it is needed on the body, especially to the chakras clearing them of negative energy and blockages. Each chakra is associated with a group of organs and when they are all aligned they keep a person well. The hand positions used in Reiki cover and treat all major chakras.

We have seven main chakras, energy centres through which energy flows. A chakra is like a whirling vortex, powerhouse of energy. The word ‘chakra’ means ‘wheel’ and is derived from Sanskrit. The literal translation means ‘Wheel of spinning Energy’.

When our chakras do not function as they should, our bodies, minds and emotions are out of balance.  There are several reasons that cause our chakras to be blocked; childhood traumas, loss of a loved one or sudden change in a person’s life leading to the building up of negative emotions in our psyche that make us feel bad about ourself. They range from feelings of worthlessness, unworthiness, guilt, fear, sadness, abandonment and rejection and much more.

How to heal your life by balancing your chakras

Each chakra has a different colour as follows:

  • Root chakra – red
  • Sacral chakra – orange
  • Solar plexus – yellow
  • Heart chakra – green
  • Throat chakra – blue
  • Brow chakra – indigo
  • Crown chakra – violet

Aromatherapy oils are multi-faceted in nature.  Whilst they are well known for their physical aspect, counteracting bacteria and helping to relieve pain in aching muscles or healing bruises and bumps,  their aromas play  an equally important role. They have the ability to by-pass our midbrain into our forebrain where our emotions reside and heal us on an emotional level.

This is not all when it comes to the properties of essential oils, they contain subtle spiritual qualities, and their aromas exist as vibrational rays which are associated with colors. Consequently, the oils with similar vibrations  and color as a certain chakra, has an affinity with that chakra,  when used in association with Reiki will accelerate the healing process and creates balance and alignment quicker for the recipient.

Just as Reiki is channeled as healing energy to energize our bodies and auras, filling the energetic holes that appear when we are depleted, similarly the colors of essential oils can re-charge us on many levels at the same time cleansing us from harmful vibrations, sealing and healing our auric fields.

There is much to gain when combining the use of essential oils- chakra oils -within a Reiki treatment as well as using it after to maintain a high vibration, accelerate healing and provide energetic protection.

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