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The Best Essential Oil to Help your Friend Deal with Stress

Some people believe that stress is a natural part of living and not essential to deal with it in any shape or form. They might feel ashamed or in denial of their current situation

So, you see your friend buckling under a lot of pressure, and they do not ask for help because they refuse to admit it to themselves, but as a good friend, you want to help them. You can do many little things that will cheer them up, e.g., taking them out for a meal, watching a movie with them, or ask them to go for a walk with you. These are only temporary measures. Once they are back in their space or on their own, they will still face their stressful situation again.

Usually, people feel pressurised when they cannot stand up for themselves or are forced into situations that are not aligned with their values. They don't take action because they feel trapped due to blocks created by past traumas. They are sometimes unaware of what is happening to them because their current situation has triggered the feeling of a past wound that is still raw in their subconscious mind. They may not remember what the occasion was. However, they would still feel the emotional impact the event had on them. Such as being disempowered, belittled, ridiculed, feeling helpless, and these would have registered as limiting beliefs in their minds.

The best thing you can do is offer them something with lasting effects that in the long-term will help them awaken to their current reality, recognise the root of their issue and address it before it causes them major health issues. This is because stress is one of the causes of the following physical problems:

  • Asthma
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Headaches
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal problems

The best thing that could help your friend deal with their stressful situation is an essential oil.

They smell nice and are generally very appealing to the senses. They are also very therapeutic with long-lasting effects.  And, you do not need to know what their issue is. The essential oil will take care of it.

The best essential oil that will shift the state of a person from accepting stressful situations to start taking control is lavender. It is considered a most useful and versatile essential oil to treat physical and psychological issues.

Lavender has been the focus of many clinical trials and is widely used in hospital wards either as a massage oil or diffused in a vaporiser to help patients with sleeping problems.

Lavender works on the nervous system where trauma is stored, waiting to be awakened by any trigger that resonates with it. And, it will promote personal renewal, wash away the past's traumatic events, and open up the psyche to new possibilities. It will also encourage inner acceptance of painful situations, easing fear and creating the strength to move on.

Furthermore, if, as a result of being under pressure, your friend suffers from headaches, muscular pain, or is prone to frequent colds, lavender being a versatile oil, treats all of those symptoms too.

You may wonder how do you present them with such a gift. Here are three ways you can offer a gift that contains lavender essential oil.

  1. A bottle of 10 ml lavender essential oil.
  2. A well-being massage oil containing a combination of lavender, German chamomile, ginger, and black pepper, effective for both physical and psychological issues.
  3. A relaxing blend containing lavender, orange, and geranium which can be diffused in a room to shift heavy and unwanted energies

If you need help and support to deal with stress, click here to book a FREE 30 mins session with me

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