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The Benefits of Essential Oils For Physical Problems (Part 2)

To continue on the benefits of essential oils in the treatment of the physical body, I present you with the second post in this series featuring skin problems.

Our skin, our birthday suit, a wrapper for our bodies needs, has the power to make us totally irresistible. The majority of us takes this very seriously and spend a fortune on skin care and make up. This does not mean that we are treating our skin with the care and respect it deserves. When we do that, it will give us back the natural glow that makes us look truly alive.

Skin problems are generally an indication of internal imbalances. To address these imbalances, we sometimes need more that surface treatments. We need a holistic approach and the perfect recipe for skin health is:

  • Whole food diet
  • Good quality sleep
  • Well hydrated
  • No smoking
  • Moderate exposure to sunlight

The use of essential oils regularly tend to bring balance to whole body system, this in turn becomes apparent in all parts of our bodies including the skin. When we are truly healthy, our skins reflect this for us gloriously.

Skin problems that can easily be treated with the use of lotions, creams, gels and oils made from natural ingredients enhanced with essential oils are:


This is a problem that is commonly encountered in adolescence and a symptom of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), usually due to overactive sebaceous glands and hormonal imbalance.

There is a minority of adults who do not see an end to this problem.

A change in diet and an increase in water intake will definitely help, but the best solution is the application of essential oils with the following properties:

  • antiseptic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • skin rejuvenating  

Added as a blend in a natural lotion base or gel on the affected area they will clear infections and help the skin renew itself without blemishes or scars.

The problem has to be addressed in its early stage to prevent permanent damage to the skin surface.

Oily Skin

This skin type is a result of overactive sebaceous glands due to hormone imbalance.

Oily skin can be recognised with the following characteristics: 

  • Large pores
  • Thick
  • Coarse texture
  • Shiny

Excessive oily skin type tends to attract dirt which encourages the breeding of bacterial infection.

The oil also keeps the pores clogged with dead skin cells, giving the skin a coarse look.

The use of essential oils in a skin care regime helps to cleanse the pores naturally without side effect. Certain oils have the properties of balancing the hormones and reduce oil production whist others can constrict the pores to give the skin a smoother look.

The solution for this skin type is to use a blend of the oils with the above properties in a gel or light lotion.

Dry Skin

This skin type is pale, with fine lines. Dry skin type can be recognised by the following characteristics:

  • Fine texture with no visible pores
  • Feels tight and dry, especially after washing
  • Sensitive

The cause of this problem is due to underactive oil glands that do not lubricate the skin adequately. It could also be due to dehydration.

Another reason is that “Dry skin” is the result of a skin whose scaly top layer has been roughened rather than a skin that has lost its moisture. Neatly tucked cells can be disturbed by alkaline soap, deficient diet or harsh environmental factors. 

When our skin is excessively dry we are susceptible to premature wrinkling and flaking. We become vulnerable to environmental factors e.g. wind, hot summer conditions and winter’s chapping cold.

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