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Reiki and Beyond

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing discovered by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Though the importance of a positive and balanced flow of energy through and around the body was well known for hundreds, if not thousands of years prior, Dr. Usui was the first to develop a formal healing technique where a trained practitioner was able provide precise, targeted energy balancing.

Dr. Usui trained 16 students to be Reiki masters, and these original 16 masters further educated students across the globe until Reiki was well-established as a powerful and effective healing method all around the world.

As a Reiki master who has been providing healing for 15 years, I am proud to be a part of Dr. Usui’s legacy through both healing and the teaching of Reiki.

Reiki is non-invasive, has no negative side effects and provides life-changing benefits to anyone and everyone. The only physical interaction between practitioner and client is a very gentle press of the hands on the affected area, making it suitable even for those in pain or people who are sensitive or uncomfortable with too much physical contact.


How does Reiki work?


Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being depends upon energy that flows through everything in the universe, from plants and animals to the earth itself and the stars beyond.

This energy flows around your body via your auric field and enters it via channels known as chakras, each of which governs a different aspect of your well-being. For example, the throat chakra is responsible for communication, while the heart chakra governs your ability to forge and maintain relationships.

Stress, ailments, negative feelings and trauma can impede or block any or all of these chakras. Because every aspect of your well-being – from the health of your organs to your connection with others – depends on a constant, positive flow of energy, blocked chakras or a damaged auric field can have severe consequences on the functioning of your body and your ability to live a happy and fulfilling life.


There are many ways that the flow of energy into your body can be impeded, and also many ways that it can be opened up. Every day, people damage or heal their chakras without even knowing, and many people balance their energies without ever engaging with formal healing.


What Reiki provides is precise, targeted healing which, if delivered by an experienced practitioner, can restore balance to the exact channels that are affected in your body so that energy is able to flow freely and correctly through you, leaving you feeling reinvigorated, relieved and powerful.


Reiki practitioners achieve this by establishing a connection to infinite sources of positive energy, through a process known as attunement. By placing their hands on or around the body, they create a direct, physical channel for this positive energy which can clear negative forces that are interfering with your chakras and auric field.


Who can benefit from Reiki?


Whether they realise it or not, and regardless of whether they believe in energy healing, everyone depends upon the same positive energy and is affected when it is impeded or blocked from entering their body.


Reiki benefits all, from students to stressed out city workers, from overwhelmed new parents to retirees. A strong and balanced flow of energy into your body can help you overcome the challenges in your life, improve your body’s ability to heal and make you feel more connected with other people and the world around you.


All that is asked of you is that you are open. While experienced Reiki practitioners can detect which chakras are troubled without any prior information, the more you can tell your practitioner about what is affecting you and how you are feeling, the more they will be able to help you.


How do you become a Reiki practitioner?


The attunement process, through which a Reiki practitioner connects themselves to the positive energy of the universe, requires focus, dedication and constant upkeep. There are three levels to attunement, and only after completing them all can one call themselves a Reiki master.


For a Reiki practitioner to maintain their attunement, they must meditate and provide healing regularly. Because of the intensity of the flow of positive energy that passes through them when they provide healing, Reiki practitioners also benefit from the process. Reiki is a two-way healing that invigorates both parties.


Because they act as a channel through which infinite positive energy is delivered, it is vital that a Reiki practitioner is clear of negative forces (as much as possible) so that they can provide a strong flow of energy and so that their own negativity does not interfere. Always check the credentials and experience of someone who provides Reiki healing.


How can I learn Reiki?


Reiki is a discipline you discover, not one that you learn. There is no information to memorise and there are no exams to pass, instead you are taught how to attune yourself to universal energy so that it can flow through you to heal yourself and others.


I provide Reiki courses for both levels 1 and 2, available either in-person via two days of group workshops or remotely via Skype over six one-hour private lessons. This is your perfect opportunity to learn this life-changing healing technique from a fully qualified and experienced Reiki master.


After completing the level 1 course, you will:

  • Discover how to connect to universal energy, through the crown of the head and down to the heart and the hands.
  • Apply this energy to heal yourself mentally and emotionally.
  • Bring balance to your energy field to reduce your risk of physical conditions and aid recovery of existing conditions.
  • Feel numerous other benefits, such as more positive thinking, a feeling of calm, greater focus and perspective on what’s important in your life.


Reiki 2 expands upon your attunement with a greater focus on healing others, allowing you to:

  • Expand your flow of energy so that it can by applied to other people to provide general and specific healing.
  • Connect to a greater volume of universal energy to heal yourself with more depth, clearing baggage and limiting beliefs that restrict you.
  • Break beyond physical barriers to send energy further through time and space, allowing you to provide long distance healing.
  • Develop the skills to be able to open your own practice.



Click here to learn more about the course and book your place.

Date: Saturday & Sunday August 2017

Time: 10 am to 5 pm – arrive at 9.30 am

Venue: Palmers Green

Price: £190.00

This course is available one to one on Skype.

Duration: 6 hours of private tuition, online attunements. Delivered in 6 sessions of 1 hour.


Time: By appointment.

For further information and details, please book an appointment to talk to me by email at

And the journey continues.

Had my Reiki Attunement for Masters today. Incredible journey. It is definitely time to leave the past behind and more forward with intention.

Thank you Zuleikha, enjoying the journey.

Shelley Palik

There are some godly moments in life when you feel just great not only in your body but also in your mind and soul! It is exactly what I felt after a session with Zuleikha. So relaxed on all levels with a mind sharper and more focused …

Annick Augier