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Palo Santo House Cleansing Kit

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Clears your space from negative energies – Creates a conducive space for yourself, clients, and family members.

Used by the indigenous people of the Americas, Palo Santo has been a very important incense to cleanse spaces of negative energies before and after healing sessions. It is now used by many to create positive environments and better lives.

The Palo Santo Mist is easy to use anywhere, every day to maintain a cleansed and energised space at home, in your therapy room, in the car, at work, and in a hotel room. It is smokeless and free from chemicals and toxic ingredients.

It purifies the atmosphere, and cleanses the aura & the mind, preparing you for an easy day and a restful night’s sleep.

The Palo Santo Woods used widely by Native Americans in smudging ceremonies has a sacredness about it and it can be used in healing and cleansing rituals where smoke is permitted. The smoke will cleanse your space of negative energies and raise the vibration of your environment bringing you positivity and abundance.

A copy of How Sacred Spaces Can Bring You Abundance and Prosperity will give you an overview of your Sacred spaces and share with you how we unknowingly allow that space to be easily desecrated bringing bad luck in our lives and how we can easily change that.

This Palo Santo is of premium quality, environmentally and sustainably collected in Ecuador. Each stick is approximately 4 inches in length (10 cm) from Ecuador, USA.


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