Frankincense Oil

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Frankincense Essential Oil – Boswelia carterii

Used by many cultures to treat almost all known ailments, the main health benefits of frankincense are:

  • relieve chronic stress and anxiety
  • reduce pain and inflammation
  • boost immunity and even fight cancer

Its cytophylactic properties enable it to rejuvenate the skin at cellular level. Use regularly in a cream of lotion for a new skin surface every day. (See Ebook – Secrets to Beautiful Skin in 7 Easy Steps about the skin process).

Method of use:

Add a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to a massage oil to warm, relax and restore an overworked or over-stressed body.
Massage on the scalp and temples to relieve tension headaches.
Inhale it directly or add it to a relaxing bath to remove stress and sweeten your mood.

Diffuse in a room to remove heavy, unwanted energies and create a warm and welcoming environment.

Caution:  Always ensure proper dilution of Frankincense essential oil before applying on the skin.

Size: 5ml


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