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Aura and Crystal Cleansing Mist Set

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Box set containing: A mist spray, a rose quartz wand, and 5 random crystals.

Crystals can attract both positive and negative energy and they will hold that energy unless they are cleansed and attuned to high vibrations. This mist is a simple, easy, and effective way to raise the vibration of your crystals. It is made with a blend of rose and neroli water that will cleanse your gems and raise their vibrations, attuning them to peace and harmony so that they can bring positivity into your life.

It contains Rose essential oil and Neroli essential oil in crystal-soaked water.

Rose Water is of a super high vibe. It has the highest frequencies and vibrations of all flowers and herbs, 320 Hz.

Rose is also wonderful for your skin.  Use it as a skin toner before applying your facial oil. One of the main benefits of rose water is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritated skin

Neroli water: Opens and attunes the heart chakra to the vibration of love.

Neroli also helps improve skin health by regenerating and keeping your skin elastic.

This spray is the perfect combination to raise the vibration of your crystals, and your aura and tone your skin beautifully.

Method of use: Spray on your crystals regularly to maintain their vibrations on a high level.

Spray on self, face, and auric field every day for energetic protection.

Caution: None

Size: 100ml

Smooth Rose Quartz Crystal Massage Wand

The origin of the crystal wand can be traced to ancient Atlantis.

They are incredible healing tools that promote chakra cleansing, emotional balance and spiritual healing.

Nowadays, crystal wands are popular among shamans, healers and more and more people worldwide.

The specific way they were designed, exquisitely shaped and beautifully finished gave them powerful transformational abilities whether they are used for healing or protection.

  • Rose quartz
  • Attracts unconditional love
  • Self-love
  • Emotional healing
  • Heart health

Size: Roughly 9 cm in length (3.5″), and roughly 1.8 cm in width (at the widest end).

Five random crystals

Tumblestones mixed crystals.


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