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A Complete Palo Santo Set

£ 24.99

A set of soothing, cleansing, and calming to shift unwanted energies in both your space and your auric field.

Made from Palo santo oil ethically extracted from the Palo santo wood known as "Holy Wood," this set of unique products was created to maintain a high level of vibrational energy in your home and aura. It is widely used by Shamans during and after healing sessions.



Experience the transformative power of this carefully curated set designed to harmonize and purify your surroundings and energetic field.

Crafted from ethically sourced Palo Santo wood, renowned as "Holy Wood," these products are infused with its aromatic oil, renowned for its cleansing properties.

Imbued with sacred energy, this set is cherished by Shamans for its ability to enhance healing practices and promote spiritual balance.

Allow this collection to create a serene and sacred space, harmonizing both your physical environment and your energetic being.

Embrace the soothing and revitalizing qualities of these products to shift unwanted energies and maintain a heightened state of vibrational harmony in your home and aura.

Burner: Not Included

Room spray's size: 100 ml

Fragrance size: 15 ml

Essential oil: 5 ml


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