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Manage anxiety effectively by balancing your chakras with essential oils?

Anxiety is a debilitating feeling that erodes your drive and enthusiasm to live a life of purpose.

You become anxious when you face a task that you perceive as a challenge. This feeling usually overcomes your whole being, stopping you in your tracks to take action. You will also feel discomfort in a particular part of your body. This feeling indicates which Chakra is affected.

How knowing which Chakra is involved will help you to deal with this issue effectively?

First, let me give you a brief overview of the Chakras system.

Chakras are spinning vortices of energy located along the spine, from the tailbone to the crown of your head. There are seven of them.

Each Chakra corresponds to your body's physical aspect such as head, chest, stomach, arms and legs, nerve centres, organs, and bodily functions.

They also govern a significant aspect of who you are, meaning how you present yourself to the world. How you generally behave. 

Your Root Chakra is red. It is about your personality and sense of safety. It is also about your ability or inability to manifest the things you desire.

Physical discomfort in your bowel area, such as getting constipated when traveling far from home, is your first Chakra trying to protect you.

Your Sacral Chakra is orange. It is about your perception of relationships with those you love most. Issues with this Chakra can be fear of relationships.

A block in this Chakra stops you from being creative, such as painting, writing, or even getting opportunities.

If you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see, touch, or even think of your romantic partner, it is your Sacral Chakra in action.

Your Solar plexus is yellow. It is about your personal power and your inner power. If you have blocks in this area, you will have low self-esteem. Feeling nervous tension in your stomach when faced with a challenging situation indicates uneasiness in your Solar plexus.

Your Heart Chakra is green, and it is the seat of unconditional love and compassion that, when blocked, makes you unable to receive love from others. You may feel burn-out at times. This Chakra talks to you when a broken heart's stabbing pain is very real.

Your Throat Chakra is bright blue, and it is the centre of your power of speech, where you speak your truth. The main problems related to this Chakra are the inability to communicate and express feelings easily, not listening, and hearing about what is true. Your Throat Chakra is in action when you have something important to say, but a lump in your throat area makes it hard for you to get it out.

Your Brow Chakra is deep indigo, and it is your power of intuition. When this Chakra is blocked, people generally lack imagination, suffer from headaches, migraines, and constantly make bad decisions.

Finally, your crown chakra is purple, and it is your connection with your Higher Power or Universe. When this Chakra is not aligned, you find it challenging to learn new things because you are disconnected from the source. You may feel confused and even depressed.

Most of the issues you face every day stem from an imbalance in one or more Chakras. They could be due to childhood memories, past lives, or even generational baggage, stored in your psyche and replaying themselves every time you come face to face with a challenging situation. You probably no longer remember the actual event. However, as a result of that experience, your Chakras' alignment would have been affected, giving you a warped reality, one where you are overcome by anxiety when you get presented with something you perceive as difficult.

Once healed, past hurt and trauma become a distant memory with no power to harm you anymore. The best way is to heal them is at a root level when they first happened; this is why you need to know which Chakra your issue originates from because this will help you get to the source and initiate healing there.

Why can essential oils help balance your chakras?

Like your Chakras, essential oils are vibrational in nature. Even though you only smell essential oils, each has a distinct colour. These colours correspond to the colour of the Chakras, and each Chakra has a connection to more than one oil.

Because their healing powers extend far beyond their physical aspects, essential oils are one of the best remedies to balance the Chakras, bringing healing and making a person whole on an energetic level.

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