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How to deal with anxiety using a combination of Reiki and aromatherapy?

Reiki and aromatherapy are not usually applied purposefully to deal with emotional issues. Whether we seek a practitioner's assistance to help us deal with our emotional health or use self-help techniques, anxiety is a complex issue because their deeper cause may be due to many reasons. Indeed, we may not even be aware of our past trauma. Most of the time, people bury these issues so deep that they completely forget when and how they happened, not realising that they are the reasons for our current moods and behaviour.

Reiki, applied by self or a practitioner, allows the energy to flow where the body needs it. However, all emotional and physical issues stem from imbalances within our system. The imbalances that come up with Reiki take time to be healed because there are deeper layers to any emotional problem. But, when Reiki is combined with aromatherapy, profound healing can instantly occur.

Imbalances are caused by stuck energies of past trauma, which becomes toxic and causes many emotional blocks in people's lives, such as being in a state of anxiety whenever a challenging situation presents itself. Using a blend of rosemary, sage, and chamomile, helps to clear confusion and brings clarity of mind, so the right decision is made without feeling anxious. Your anxiety may be due to a past traumatic situation that needs to be healed and released. Holding on to this past pain is debilitating and stops you from embracing your true purpose in this world.

Rosemary is considered one of the best tonics for the mind and contains properties that strengthened mental clarity and awareness.

Sage contains intense cleansing properties, and it will clear the negative energies attached to the past trauma, releasing toxic energies that are blocking you from moving forward in your life.

The profound calming effect of chamomile will help you access your inner self and receive the proper guidance you need at any moment in time.

Using these oils will help you release the traumas and patterns dictating how you live your life. These oils combined with Reiki healing will accelerate your healing process, making your journey more manageable and less painful.

When applied on the skin, pulse points, wrists, and behind the ears, the aroma of these oils will go directly to your brain, transforming the negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Anxiety is fed in a loop to our mind and psyche, and we can easily find ourselves trapped in this negative cycle that never ends, claiming our health, well-being, career, and even our lives.

Essential oils are easy to use and have unique healing properties that can bring you instant relief and give you back the life of your choice, not one dictated by past experiences.

I highly recommend essential oils for anyone who is doing personal work to release anxiety-related trauma. They are a vital part of my journey. Once integrated with your healing process, you will discover how wonderful and powerful they are.

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