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How to be inspired by Reiki?

Whether they realise it or not, and regardless of whether theybelieve in energy healing, everyone depends upon the samepositive energy and is affected when it is impeded or blocked fromentering their body.

Reiki benefits all, from students to stressed out city workers, fromoverwhelmed new parents to retirees. A strong and balanced flowof energy into your body can help you overcome the challenges inyour life, improve your body’s ability to heal and make you feelmore connected with other people and the world around you.

All that is asked of you is that you are open. While experiencedReiki practitioners can detect which chakras are troubled withoutany prior information, the more you can tell your practitionerabout what is affecting you and how you are feeling, the morethey will be able to help you.

When you are attuned to Reiki, in time as you practice andconnect yourself with the Reiki energy you will be will be in tunewith your energy field and you can self-heal everyday raising yourvibration and aligning yourself with your goals and aspirationswith ease.

How do you become a Reiki practitioner?

The attunement process, through which a Reiki practitioner connectsthemselves to the positive energy of the universe, requires focus,dedication and constant upkeep. There are three levels toattunement, and only after completing them all can one callthemselves a Reiki master.

For a Reiki practitioner to maintain their attunement, they mustmeditate and provide healing regularly, either to themselves orothers. When you reach level 2, you can do distant healing, theperson you are healing need not be present

Because of the intensity of the flow of positive energy that passesthrough them when they provide healing, Reiki practitioners alsobenefit from the process. Reiki is a two-way healing thatinvigorates both parties.

Also, because they act as a channel through which infinitepositive energy is delivered, it is vital that a Reiki practitioner isclear of negative forces (as much as possible) so that they canprovide a strong flow of energy and so that their own negativitydoes not interfere. When receiving healing from a practitioner,always check their credentials and level of experience.

Learning Reiki?

Reiki is a discipline you discover, not one that you learn. There isno information to memorise and there are no written exams topass, instead you are taught how to attune yourself to universalenergy so that it can flow through you to heal yourself andothers. Your only requirement is to practice and meditate.

I provide Reiki courses for all levels.

How to connect to universal energy, and you wlll findout how to channel this energy through the crown ofthe head and down to the heart and the hands.

How to apply this energy to heal yourself mentally andemotionally.·

Learn how to bring balance to your energy field,

reducing your risk of physical conditions and aidrecovery of existing conditions.·

Feel numerous other benefits, such as more positivethinking, a feeling of calm, greater focus andperspective on what’s important in your life.

After completing the level 1 course, you will discover:

Expand your flow of energy so that it can by applied toother people to provide general and specific healing

Connect to a greater volume of universal energy to healyourself with more depth, clearing baggage and limitingbeliefs that restrict you.·

Break beyond physical barriers to send energy furtherthrough time and space, allowing you to provide longdistance healing.·

Develop the skills to be able to open your own practice.

Reiki 2 expands upon your attunement with a greater focuson healing others, allowing you to:

Reiki Master

To be attuned as a Reiki master you need to practice for atleast 6 months.

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