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How Sacred Spaces Can Bring You Health, Abundance and Better Relationships!

When we operate within sacred spaces, life is easier as our environment becomes free of any negativity and energy can flow freely in a positive way. It is like we are moving with the current, rather than against it. Sacred spaces can be created in many ways; the easiest ones are to say a prayer, burn incense and sacred herbs or diffuse essential oils.

Essential oils and herbs are aromatic in nature and they have special cleansing and healing properties. As much as they can heal our bodies, mind and spirit, they can also heal spaces and environments, bringing harmony and peace by dissipating heavy, dull and stagnant energies.

Places where most people will notice the difference in the energy are: hospitals, churches, cemeteries and in nature. Each one of those places has a distinctive environmental feel, we can find them either healing, relaxing or overbearing. Each of our homes has their own vibes, depending on our thought patterns, how we feel,  the way we live our lives, the people we come in contact with and much more.

Feelings and emotions, past events, energies from arguments and negative attitudes and behaviours leave imprints in the spaces they happen. This is why you feel easy or disturbed in certain places.

“I’ll never forget this, about 20 years ago I was house hunting and a particular one on the market had been empty for more than 10 years. The energy of the whole house was flat and dead. The agent asked if I would like to see the basement which was a large space, I walked down the stairs and suddenly felt a strong resistance, stopping me from moving further. All I could see was pitch black, tangible and pulsating darkness. The feeling of this energy was overwhelming and scary, left me shaky for quite a while. I was haunted by that experience for a long, long time.”

On a smaller scale, we are most of the time surrounded by negative and toxic energies and the majority of people are unaware, getting on with life, never noticing that they are living in environments that are detrimental to their health and well-being.

This can be a vicious circle that we fail to break. Usually, for some people, they are constantly bombarded by negative influences that drain and deplete them on many levels. They get sucked in more and more into the swamp of negativity, failing to notice the many beautiful events that life offers them on a daily basis and unable to appreciate the small joys of life that would make them feel good and happy. They get used to the common forms of negative energies and continuously allow themselves to get dragged down into the core of surviving rather than living.

The common culprits that are the energy vampires, draining our vital life force and making us like zombies are:

Jealousy…        Selfishness…Ignorance…        Impatience…        Bigotry…        Hatred… Manipulation… etc.

We tend to encounter any one of these at least once a day such as:

Deceiptful Family Members…

Overpowering bosses…

Jealous friends…

Uncaring neighbours…

Impatient shoppers…

Lack of care from people in general….

When we come across these kinds of behaviours, we are affected on an energetic level and this can cause negative energy to build up in our aura and the space we occupy. This energy can have an adverse effect on everything we do, our relationships, careers, health and life in general, causing various forms of physical and mental illnesses.

Knowing how and practising methods to keep these negative influences from affecting us is very valuable and can help us live amazing lives.

Essential oils have the ability to uplift the spirit, purify the environment and dissipate the negativity that we are faced with on a daily basis. They help us to stay grounded and energized.

To cleanse and maintain a positively charged environment, at home, at work, in your car and even your aura, the appropriate essential oils are palo santo, sage, cedarwood, juniper, lime and lemon. They can be diffused in a room or used in the form of a spray.

Done twice a day or when needed this practice will make a huge difference to your attitude to life, your health, wealth and relationships.

Watch out for our next tutorial – more on how to protect yourself against the negativity of others.

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