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How can New Coaches Benefit from Reiki

Once a person is attuned to Reiki they become connected to the infinite source of healing energy which automatically heals them on many levels. Because Reiki is a two-way healing process that invigorates both parties, it is fair to say that while channeling this energy to heal others, you also benefit from the process.

There are many ways that Reiki can assist with healing. The most commonly used form is for a practitioner to administer healing by tuning into a recipient’s energy field and directs a flow of positive energy to establish balance and harmony in their auric field. The only physical interaction between practitioner and client is a very gentle press of the hands-on affected area or the chakras.

Besides being a practitioner, Reiki is also an excellent tool for self-healing. It is known that many people who have been attuned to the first level of Reiki have used it as a tool to help themselves. However, most stopped at the second level, never went further to be attuned to the master level. At this level, Reiki gives you access to more powerful energies to assist with personal growth and energetic protection.

Growing on the energetic level is a natural progression on the path of coaches. When working and helping others resolve their issues, we mostly come across problems that resonate with our own. The reason why we have to continuously do our own energetic work so we can be present for our clients and help them in the best way we can.

However, we sometimes get presented with issues that we have never closely encountered before. This is when we need to be ready to take on board the energetic aspects that can affect our energy field negatively.

Here is a simple example of my personal experience:

My first encounter with energetic work was “Spiritual Healing.” A form of healing different from Reiki. At the beginning of my training, I was asked to practice what I just learned, which was simply to feel the energy in my hands and apply it to someone with an ailment. The person who I worked on was suffering from a severe headache at the time. Shortly after I put my hands on the person’s head, my head started to ache. As the days went by, the headache became worse and worse. I meditated and prayed every day to have this ailment that was not mine to be taken away from me. It finally left me after two weeks.

I was not taught how to protect my energy field then. When I look back now, I gained a valuable insight. It was only a headache, nothing more serious. Since that time, I have learned through Reiki attunements how to adequately ground and protect myself on an energetic level when I am with a client. It became an excellent tool when dealing with difficult people or when I walked in unfamiliar environments.

Being attuned to Reiki gives you the extra support to have a strong energy field that repels negative energies that do not belong to you. As I mentioned earlier, we mostly attract clients with similar issues as our own. The more we work on releasing our baggage and issues, the clearer the channel we become, the more immune we are to negative energies, and the more able we are to help others deal with their problems and issues.
The auric field is like a magnet, which attracts what resonates with it. As practitioners, we carry baggage and issues and like everyone else, and we release them when the time is right for us. Our encounters with clients are part of our journey, but that does not mean that we have to take on everybody’s problems on the physical level. Hence, the reason why we need to be very protective of our energy field. Our continuous energetic work is of utmost importance if we want to help ourselves and others.

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