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How Can Aromatherapy Help Women Entrepreneurs to Deal with Anxiety?

Women have been living under different rules than men for centuries, even millennia. It was only in the last century during the war that when a lot of women took over men's daily jobs, were they able to prove that they're as capable as men in doing those jobs. However, encoded in their consciousness is the belief that they hold second place to their male counterpart in every area of their lives.

To this day, they still maintain the role of people-pleasers, putting the need of others before themselves. Even though they have the ability to run successful businesses, they are their worst saboteurs. They are full of self-doubts and lack self-worth.

Some solopreneurs find it more challenging because of the uncertainty of their situation, the feeling of being alone with no regular income. Also, having left behind a job to start their own business, they feel the loneliness and the regret for having left the opportunity of a career behind. The reality of their situation makes them forget why they started their own business; what was it that made them take the leap of faith and become self-employed.

With their mind over-clouded by all these negative feelings, it's no wonder that they develop anxiety that not only stops them from achieving their goals but can also have a long-term impact on their health and well-being.

Anxiety has a way of creeping into people's lives silently. If not recognised and dealt with in the early stages, it will affect your performance, health, and eventually everything you hold dear in your life.

Mild symptoms of tension, worry, and edginess, together with insomnia and loss of appetite, are a few of the earlier symptoms. If not addressed, they can lead to more severe and possibly irreversible damage in the long term.

Recognising that there is a problem is the first step. Then give yourself permission to take care of your health and well-being.

One of the easiest ways to release tension and stress is to incorporate essential oils into your routine.

Can aromatherapy help you be free from anxiety?

Give yourself some me-time at the end of the day, starting as little as 5 mins and building up to 30 mins. This time is for you to recentre yourself. It is helpful to diffuse essential oils when you relax and unwind. They will help you to come to a place of relaxation quickly because their aromas go directly to the part of your brain that is holding tension and stress and change negative thoughts into positive ones.

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  • Sit quietly.
  • Play soothing music in the background.
  • Focus on your breath and allow it to become deeper and deeper gradually.
  • Let your mind become free of any thoughts. (A simple way to do this is to visualise putting unwanted thoughts in a bubble and letting it float away).
  • Scan your body from head to toe and slowly let go of all tensions until your body is light and free. (You may need to practice this a few times; it is well worth it. A life-saver).

When you are ready to come back, take a few deep breaths and bring your attention gently back into your space. Feel yourself permeated by a state of calmness and peace. See the world around you from this brighter, clearer perspective.

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