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How can aromatherapy help to make positive habits stick?

Habits are formed when we repeat a behaviour over and over again.  When introduced to a new behaviour, our brains have to assimilate it first, such as brushing our teeth in the morning; we had to be told repeatedly until it became automatic. Similarly, for those who drive, learning to balance the clutch and the gas pedal was a manoeuvre that was probably an ordeal initially. With practice, you sit behind that steering wheel and simply drive with no second thought of how to make this happen.

We are always living our lives based on habits, and they can be positive or negative ones. Bad habits can destroy you, while good habits are most likely to uplift you and help you create the transformation you need to design the life you desire. Good habits formed slowly over a period of time are the compound interest of self-improvement. Bad habits also formed with repetition, making the same mistakes over and over again, are the compound interest of self-destruction.

Rome was not built in one day, similarly having goals and achieving them is not something we do overnight. Sometimes people are impatient, lack the clarity and resolve to realise their dreams and aspirations. With all good intentions, many of us quickly write our new year’s resolutions listing all the things we want to happen in the coming year with no clear plans to achieve them. No wonder, a few days in the new year, we fall back on our old habits, and the transformation we genuinely desire is put on the back burner because we don’t know how to make our new habits stick and override our old programming.

When your brain has to learn something for the first time, it uses a lot of energy, you become tired and can easily give up. But having your result at the forefront of your mind is your incentive to continue until you succeed. Initially, forming good habits can be tedious; your mind may not want to embark on this new journey because it is easy to follow the path of least resistance which is already there. Waking up earlier every morning so you can exercise and be on time for work may seem like an ordeal. Like I said before, repetition is the key, and once this habit is installed, you will be thankful that you persisted in your attempt to make it happen.

This is where the use of essential oils in your habit-building process will give you a much-needed helping hand. So, you want to create habits that support your self-improvement goals and help you be successful in your life and business. Having made your plan, you need to follow it diligently. Only then will you create the success and life you desire.

Here is a simple plan to incorporate essential oils to build new habits. Decide what your goal is, the steps you will take to accomplish it, and the date you want this to happen.

Create a daily routine with the steps in the correct order. To follow this through diligently, you need inner strength, inner vision, and self-belief.

 The following essential oils will help to reinforce these qualities for you, so you can make your habits stick and achieve your goal easily:

Cleansing your space with a Sage mist or Palo Santo room spray every day will help to lift your energetic vibration and your resolve.

Five drops of juniper, five drops of grapefruit, and four drops of geranium essential oils diffused in an oil burner will infuse the atmosphere with the combined aromas of these oils. These aromas will go directly to your brain and change any resistance, such as procrastination and boredom, into positive thoughts and the desire to continue achieving your goal.

Using these oils every day will help you instil new habits, replacing outdated programming that works against you.

If you want to make your business meaningful and profitable

You lack the focus to be consistent; you are in the right place.
Book your private one-on-one session with me at no cost. This one-on-one session is £95.00 value. Even if we never talk again after this session, I will help you uncover the hidden challenges that may be blocking you from achieving your goals and aspirations.

You’ll leave the session with three action steps that you can apply immediately to move you closer to your goal.

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