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How can aromatherapy compliment shamanic healing?

Both aromatherapy and shamanic healing are alternative ways of healing the energy field, the psyche, and the physical body. I have talked at length in my previous blogs about aromatherapy's healing power on the mind and body.

Below is a quick recap of how aromatherapy enhances your health and well-being.

"The potent aroma of essential oils travels like any odour through the olfactory system of the nose and the front part of the head to the limbic area of the brain, where smell is processed. The limbic brain is closely linked to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that:

  • Releases hormones.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Maintains daily physiological cycles.
  • Controls appetite.
  • Manages sexual behaviour.
  • Regulates emotional responses.

Due to the healing properties of these pure essences, regular use of aromatherapy products can improve your health, mood, and even your relationships. Certain essences have calming effects, while others are uplifting; some can even be exciting."

How does shamanic healing address your issues of health and well-being?

As mentioned above, shamanic healing heals the energy field, the psyche, and the physical body. The approach is a little different from other forms of healing, such as Reiki, but it is based on the same principle, making the person whole to combat imbalance and dis-ease. A shamanic healer will work on a client's issue by first identifying which chakra is affected and eliminate the root cause of the problem at its source. Her work is to go deeper into the client's unconscious mind and address the problem at the level at which it was created. It could be a childhood, past life, or a generational issue.

Like aromatherapy, shamanic healing eradicates the issue encoded in the cellular system and the client's mind that has become a limiting belief. Beliefs become a reality and are projected in the energy field, attracting a life dictated by that belief rather than one of choice.

Every aspect of your life is tainted by past conditioning—some bad but some good. The good ones create empowering beliefs that help you progress and move forward in life easily, e.g., if you have always been told that you are bright and capable of doing anything you want, this will be your belief. It is fortunate for anyone to have such a belief because no matter what, they will be successful.

Bad past experiences tend to leave a trail of disempowering beliefs that cause pain and suffering.  E.g., if you've been repeatedly told that life is complicated and you have to work hard to achieve anything you want, this will undoubtedly be your reality.

Recognising that they are part of your past conditioning is vital. There will be no need to berate yourself for not being successful or not doing enough to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Once you know where the problem is coming from, you can get the right help to deal with it. Shamanic healing eradicates those issues at the level of the chakras.

On the physical level, beliefs are encoded in our minds and cells. On the energetic level, they are recorded in our chakra system. In both instances, they cause significant imbalances in our health and way of being. The aromas of essential oils change our thought patterns from negative to positive, healing our minds and psyche. They also heal our cells from negative programming and make them whole and healthy.

A shamanic healer uses specific processes to remove the negativity that clogs one or more chakras, so the issues are no longer a problem. Like many healing programs, transformation happens over a period of time, and this is because problems come in layers. As soon as one is eliminated, another one comes up. Also, a person has been holding on to this baggage for years; one or two sessions will not change much for them. Fundamental transformation takes time and dedication.

Because the properties of essential oils have a connection with the chakras they assist and complement the healing process of shamanic healing over the long term.

For help and support, book a Free 30 mins session with me.

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