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Hand-made natural vs. Off-the-shelf skincare products

Having anything hand-made for you has always been looked upon as a luxury. Many of us do not even dare consider having hand-made outfits or skincare and hair care products. Even before the thought hits our brain, we see expenses beyond our means.

Off-the-shelf products

Modern skincare and hair care products are sold in dazzling packages. They grab our attention and desire to buy them using slick advertising.

Off-the-shelf products

There are hundreds and hundreds of products available to choose from, yet they are all the same version of each other with slight variations. They may look, feel and smell different.

Still, behind the facade of fancy labels claiming "improved" or "new," they are made from one basic formula consisting of mineral oil and water held together with synthetic emulsifiers and waxes.

They are scented with different artificial fragrances and contain different artificial colours.

And, amongst the myriad of chemical ingredients added to make them look appealing, more chemically based preservatives are added to give them a long shelf-life. Products designed under these conditions tend to only work on the skin's surface, achieving temporary benefits if they achieve anything at all.

Hand-made natural products

Hand-made skin treatments take into consideration our individual needs.

Because our skin is a breathing living organ, the biggest one in the body, everything that we put on it is absorbed into the bloodstream, directly affecting our health, moods, and well-being.

If we eat food that is chemically loaded or has no nutritional value, we will suffer the consequence in various ways, such as stomach problems, headaches, and bad moods.

Hand-made natural products

Skin Types

There are categories of skin, such as normal, dry, oily, combination, acne, sun-damaged, etc. However, most people's skin types fall within two or more of these categories. This is because our skin is a breathing living organ. Our skin is also constantly changing. The reason for these changes is due to a number of factors.

  • The seasons are one of the factors; in summer, our skin may be different from what it is in winter. Each individual has different reactions to heat and cold, the effects of wind, rain, and centrally heated environments.
  • Age is another factor that affects skin types because, typically, skin is "normal" when we are children, oily during adolescence, and drier as we grow older.
  • An important factor for women is their menstrual cycle. With every cycle, our body changes, and any change occurring within our system includes our skin as well.
  • Another major factor is diet. What is inside our bodies is reflected on the outside. If we consume food that will cleanse and nurture us, we will be rewarded with radiant skin.
  • The most important factor of all is our emotional state. A positive outlook on life will be reflected in our skin, if not our whole life.

Off-the-shelf products are mass-produced. They cannot address our individual needs because they are produced commercially from one basic formula that only works on the surface. As skin types fluctuate regularly, it makes more sense to custom-make our skincare products, where we have the flexibility to choose the ingredients and techniques that are suitable for our individual needs.

You may be surprised to find that hand-made products can be much cheaper than buying expensive off-the-shelf products.

Buying products made with pure natural ingredients and fragranced with natural essential oils that are beneficial to your skin from small independent businesses means you’re not paying for a big corporate machine or huge advertising budgets. Plus you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and can avoid all the artificial chemicals found in many off-the-shelf products.

If you would like to explore Zulekha Therapies’ range of skin treatment products, you can save money too. Buy today.

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