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What makes your business profitable

Discover how to create a personalised 90-day plan to be the motivated, inspired, and confident leader your business needs to be profitable.

How to build a powerful routine to support you in your leadership role

Discover the step-by-step process to gain focus and clarity using powerful aromatherapy and shamanic techniques.

The top mistakes that cause businesses to fail

Get crystal clear on what you need to focus on so that you are not one of the 10 business owners that failed

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Here's why I can help you

Hi, I'm Zulekha,

My healing journey started with aromatherapy back in the late 90s when I was facing many major challenges and life changes ¬– one of them being divorce. This had a massive effect on my health! I experienced anxiety, sleeplessness, weight loss, and hair loss.

Essential oil blends were very rare in those days. However, I was fortunate to find a unique individual who made them. The enchanting aromas of essential oils lifted my spirit and restored balance within my mind, body, and life in general. Without them, my life would not have been transformed into what it is now.

In 2003 I began my journey with Reiki, and I spent seven years developing a deep understanding of the infinite healing energy available to us.

In 2007, I started my journey with Shamanism when I went through a very traumatic experience, where I found myself helpless facing perpetrators who blatantly stole my property. This property was sacred to me.

With Shamanism, I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle, how to face my hardships, and further healing techniques to apply to myself and my clients.
Now, more than two decades since I started my journey, I combine aromatherapy, Reiki, and Shamanism to provide invigorating and truly life-changing energy healing, which has helped hundreds overcome significant challenges and achieve their true potential.

Regularly, challenges present themselves to me, either in my business or in my life. Having these tools help me to understand what they are and deal with them easily.
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What others say about Zulekha…

Sometimes in life, we are lucky enough to meet someone who is truly passionate about improving the quality of life of others. Zulekha is one such person. I have been lucky enough to experience rapid benefits from her unique bespoke approach. I am eternally grateful for both her beautiful soul and its presence in my life, as well as the amazing life transformation she facilitated. I hope that many more people will profit from her insight. 

Sophia Woodcock
Zulekha’s unique and individualized healing and real-world integration process is truly transformative. Her compassionate approach is helping me through one of the biggest transitions of my life with far less anxiety and insecurity than I’ve ever had. She’s helped bring me closer to my Truth and purpose, developed tools for my life’s work, repair and heal relationships. Most of all she’s helped me find trust, confidence and empowerment on a deep soul and spiritual level. I highly recommend working with Zulekha!

Claire Nitz
I want to say that working with you Zuli, I’ve become a more empowered person. I have healed from mind, body and soul and I can say that the things that were maybe blocking me have been removed through the processes that you taught me. I continue to use these processes on a daily basis to ground and remind me of who I am. With our work I have grown and blossomed to the person I can be. I have given myself permission to drop what’s no longer working for me, to be the person that I was meant to be and created to be. For that I am very grateful

Pat Alva-Kraker
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