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Essential Oils for Beauty and Skin Rejuvenation

In the exploration of the abilities of essential oils to address skin problems, we will consider the research of pioneering aromatherapist Mme Maury (1895-1968).

Marguerite Maury opened aromatherapy clinics in Paris, Switzerland and England. She believed that we can continue to look and feel young even when we grow older. She dedicated many years of her life researching specific ways that essential oils could be applied to preserve the youthful looks of the skin and the body as a whole, including the mental/emotional aspects.

The following is the summing up of her findings in her own words: “Passionately interested by works dealing with essential oils … we have discovered their vast possibilities – particularly with regards to problems of regeneration.”

Mme Maury’s research revealed that essential oils have the abilities to rejuvenate the skin by restoring the functions of the capillaries which bring nutrients and oxygen to tissues and remove waste products, playing a very important part in keeping the three layers of the skin healthy, the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous level.

For some of us, as we grow older the skin surface becomes drier, showing a loss of tone and elasticity with increased fragility. The utilisation of essential oils combined with natural ingredients in our skin and body care products can most certainly maintain the health of our skin, mind and body, by restoring vitality to our tissues, as Marguerite Maury said – “they make the flesh more succulent”.

The science of using essential oils to bring about health, well-being and overall transformation in a person depends on the right combination of essential oils at the exact dilution to meet the needs of the user. Off the shelf aromatherapy skin and body products contain a low level dilution of essential oils, if any at all, and are of no therapeutic value.

Essential oils are of different densities and properties. When preparing essential oil blends for rejuvenation, it is important to use a variety of oils, as this will create a formula of the perfect synergy; each oil passes through the pores of the skin at different rates, the thicker one slower, while the more fluid ones at a quicker pace straight into the deepest layer, bringing balance to the cells at their formative stage.

To find out more on suitable essential oils for different skin types, download my Ebook: “Secrets to Beautiful Skin in 7 Easy Steps”.

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