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Can aromatherapy help you be free from anxiety?

To run a successful business, create the life you desire, and feel at peace with yourself, you need to be free. This freedom is not given to you by anyone other than yourself. However, many people live their lives feeling fearful about every decision they have to take. This fear causes tension and is one of the main reasons for stress and anxiety.

If you feel fearful about the decisions you want to make, there is a conflict within yourself. Deep down, you know that following a specific path will take you closer to your goal; but a little voice within sends you warnings to stop. The signal is your fear trying to keep you safe from the unknown. This fear reminds you of previous situations where you felt worthless, a trigger memory starting a cycle of anxiety all of a sudden.

This memory comes from deep within your subconscious mind, lurking there, ready to pounce as soon as you decide to make a change or move forward in your life. The feeling of fear is followed by anxiety, and in no time, you find yourself in a downward spiral of negative emotions, causing you to beat yourself up emotionally. If you do not recognize what is happening, you will be trapped in a cycle of anxiety, a state of mind that drains your energy and sucks out your life force. Gradually, you become a shell of who you were, with no desire to achieving your goals and living a life of purpose.

To break off this cycle, you need to identify the trigger's cause. It can be because you feel worthless due to being belittled as a child for being different, ignored while others, no better than you, were praised. The feelings of hurt and humiliation became imprints in your psyche to manifest later as anxiety, even depression. When faced with a challenging situation, those feelings come back to haunt you and create havoc in your life. These are the trigger's cause.

It would help if you addressed the trigger's cause by looking at the event and reframing the situation that you recorded in your mind.
However, the subconscious mind is a storehouse of memories, good and bad. It is challenging to change subconscious programming overnight or decide you want to do it now. To succeed, you have to approach the problem at the subconscious level. It can be hypnotherapy or healing, which can be lengthy processes.

Using aromatherapy as a shortcut to instantly transforming negative feelings and emotions is a simple solution. The reason is that
essential oils' aroma can directly access the part of your brain where the memories are stored and change negative thought patterns into positive ones. Combining aromatherapy with the following exercise will accelerate your progress.

Find a quiet place, relax and diffuse one of the essential oil blends recommended in the download. (See link below).
Recall the event in detail, which might be a painful exercise. However, once you do this, you will be free from the negative feelings you have been holding on to for years. Look at the situation as an observer. The key is to understand each member's part in the case. Being an adult, you will have more insight into what was happening. As you unravel the events that happened years ago, you will understand more clearly why they happened, and you will be able to put them to rest, so they no longer have the power to hurt you anymore.

To get the best results, do this exercise regularly to address all the events that have caused you pain in the past. And incorporating aromatherapy in your daily routine will release these emotions quickly and gradually eliminate the trigger memories.

Click here to download the document I prepared for you about "The essential oils suitable for anxiety," together with blending recipes.

If you need further help and advice, click here to book a FREE 30 mins session with me.

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