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How does the state of our chakras reflect in our everyday life?

Part 1 – Root Chakra Chakras are energy centres in our bodies, with each chakra governing major aspects of who we are on the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels. For all areas of our lives, such as health, wealth, and relationships, to be in harmony with each other, our chakras must be aligned. Our primal […]

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How to Heal Your Life by Balancing Your Chakras – the same ones I use to balance my life.

The Chakra System The chakra energy system is the energetic counterpart of our physical system. There are seven main chakras or energy centers that govern our lives on all levels; this includes our mental, emotional and physical health, our wealth or lack of it, and our relationships' conditions. When they are not in balance, we […]

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Find out how your Chakras influence your Health and Well-being

The Subtle bodies Our physical body is surrounded by an aura consisting of several subtle bodies or energy fields, surrounding and interpenetrating the physical form, each of which is a luminous energy field vibrating at a particular frequency. These human energy fields are the manifestation of Universal Energy. We are spiritual beings and immortal spirit […]

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Bespoke natural products vs. off-the-shelf products

Having anything made specifically for you has always been looked upon as a luxury. Many of us do not even dare consider having our custom-made outfits or skincare and hair care products. Even before the thought hit our brain, we see expenses beyond our means. Getting our products made may incur a cost initially, but […]

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Why should you always use Natural Skin Care & Haircare Products?

First, we need to understand the skin and its function and how & why our skin causes us problems. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and its primary function is to protect. It is very important and active, like the heart and the liver. It absorbs, breathes, and eliminates.  This is why […]

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How to be inspired by Reiki?

Whether they realise it or not, and regardless of whether theybelieve in energy healing, everyone depends upon the samepositive energy and is affected when it is impeded or blocked fromentering their body. Reiki benefits all, from students to stressed out city workers, fromoverwhelmed new parents to retirees. A strong and balanced flowof energy into your […]

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How can aromatherapy help to make positive habits stick?

Habits are formed when we repeat a behaviour over and over again.  When introduced to a new behaviour, our brains have to assimilate it first, such as brushing our teeth in the morning; we had to be told repeatedly until it became automatic. Similarly, for those who drive, learning to balance the clutch and the […]

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Why is Palo Santo Essential Oil the best oil to deal with issues of stress and anxiety.

This mystical tree with a long spiritual history is currently becoming known for its healing and cleansing properties. The belief that this tree is sacred with a strong spirit and should be treated with respect dates back to when the Incas used it in rituals and ceremonies. This tree is never cut down. The Palo Santo wood […]

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The Best Essential Oil to Help your Friend Deal with Stress

Some people believe that stress is a natural part of living and not essential to deal with it in any shape or form. They might feel ashamed or in denial of their current situation So, you see your friend buckling under a lot of pressure, and they do not ask for help because they refuse […]

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Achieve a faster state of relaxation with a combination of breathing exercises and essential oils

Stress leads to anxiety and is the root of a multitude of illnesses, both physical and mental. Our automatic stress responses are similar to those of the caveman when faced with life-threatening situations. Because we are not in immediate physical danger, we brace ourselves and contain our nervous reactions. If you run your own business, […]

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