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Aromatherapy for focus

The ability to focus is one of the main factors that help us achieve the best successes and outcomes. Getting through the day, feeling complete, achieving all our set tasks to the best of our ability, often requires laser-sharp focus. However, the focus is something that does not come easy to everyone.

Added to our individual lack of focus, it can be difficult to find a quiet place to work. The world some of us live in can be noisy and full of distractions such as phones, deliveries, attention-seeking families, and friends. In order to get your work done you have to allocate time to shut yourself in, find a quiet place within and identify why you need to be focused on the task at hand. This too can be a difficult task for some of you to do on your own.

Fortunately, help is at hand with mother nature’s wonderful products. These can give your brain this well-needed boost. Using essential oils to help with focus is simple and easy. This does not come in the form of ingestible medications, and best of all has no side effects when guidance is followed through a qualified practitioner.

Give your brain the extra support it requires by establishing a routine to put your mind in a state of focus. Here are some useful steps you can take to establish this routine:

•           Dedicate a specific room or area as your working space.

•           Cleanse the atmosphere of this space every day, with a cleansing herb such as sage or a spray depending on your preference.

•           At least 30 mins before you begin work, diffuse essential oils by themselves or in a blend.

•           Play uplifting music.

•           Cleanse this space after work with your preferred spray or herb.

Below is a list of specific oils recommended for focus.

Lemon essential oil is refreshing for those who feel hot and bothered. In one study it was found that typing errors were reduced by 54% when the essential oil of lemon was vaporized in the atmosphere. R Tisserand – lemon fragrance increases office efficiency.

The essential oil of cedarwood atlas is calming and harmonizing oil. It mixes well with rosemary and ylang-ylang creating the perfect blend to help you focus and concentrate.

Juniper essential oil is purifying. It clears you of negative energy and supports your spirit in challenging situations.

Rosemary essential oil is considered one of the best tonics for the central nervous system. It will stimulate your brain and bring you mental clarity.

The essential oil of ylang-ylang is particularly beneficial for lack of enthusiasm. It will awaken your passion and radiance whilst boosting your confidence.

The above list of oils used in blends will create the right atmosphere for you to join the elites who have brought into being great inventions and creations because of their unique abilities to focus.

Click on this link to receive more tips and advice on how to focus.

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