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Aromatherapy and You!

What is aromatherapy?

All living beings possess an energy or life force that can affect our individual energy positively or negatively. The healing power of various plants has been known and utilised since ancient times, and by harnessing their energy we can help to cure illnesses, improve moods and restore balance. Today, this practice is continued by aromatherapists such as myself.

Modern aromatherapy harnesses the healing properties of these plants through the use of essential oils; liquids which contain the distilled oil of plants through a method which extracts and concentrates the essence of a plant without diminishing its energetic properties.

These essential oils can be used by themselves or mixed into a wide variety of products, from mists and fragrances to skin treatments and shampoos, making it easy to enjoy their healing properties every day.

What makes Zulekha Therapies aromatherapy products special?

I was one of the first people in the UK to start developing pure, chemical, SLS and parabens-free products for daily use, while also integrating what I had learned from my aromatherapy education to infuse my products with the energy healing potential of various essential oils.

Since the early 2000s, I’ve been producing my products with the help of a cosmetic chemist who I’ve been working with from day one and, of course, nothing is animal tested. All essential oils I used are therapy-grade, the same quality you would find in high end products such as Neal’s Yard Remedies.

In fact, I’m the one who tests them! I’ve used everything that you see on my store, from skincare creams to shampoos and room mists. I develop my products for my own personal and professional use first, and when I find that they provide the benefits for body, mind and energy that I wanted to achieve, I offer them to others.

How do I use your aromatherapy products?

I’ve worked hard to create products that fit easily into your everyday routines, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy healing without having to put in any extra effort. All my products are also SLS-free and parabens-free, and are made from 100% natural ingredients, making them the perfect choice for anyone who is sensitive to chemicals.

You’ll find a variety of aromatherapy products in my store, including:

  • Skincare
    Whether you need cleansers and toners, daily oils and creams or acne and bruise relief, my range of skincare products will keep you looking your best without exposing you to any harsh chemicals. They’re also infused with essential oils that are able to rejuvenate and invigorate the flow of energy through your skin.
  • Hair care
    Keep your hair clean, strong and fragrant with my range of shampoos, conditioners and oils – all SLS-free and made from 100% natural ingredients which will nourish your hair without damaging even the most sensitive scalp. The potent aromas produced by my carefully selected essential oils will ensure that every bath or shower leaves you feeling ready to take on the day or unwind from it.
  • Room sprays
    Have you ever entered a space that immediately made you feel uneasy? This common sensation is caused by an abundance of negative energy inhabiting a room, but there’s no need to be uncomfortable: a few bursts of my carefully formulated room sprays will rebalance the flow of energy in whatever space they’re used, letting you relax, enjoy company or get to work.
  • Fragrances
    By consistently exposing yourself and your environment to the right combination of essential oils, you can create specific balances of energy to match a variety of moods and functions. My fragrances provide emotional support and invigorating sensations with formulas specifically designed for clarity, concentration, creativity and many more.
  • Therapy essentials
    Thanks to the quality and purity of my products, my range of therapy essentials are enjoyed by fellow healing professionals across the country. My massage oils and balms harness the healing power of essential oils in addition to their luxurious texture to provide a massage experience unlike any other, while my energy balancing mists allow you to restore a room’s positive energy in preparation for your clients.
  • Essential oils, shaman oils and chakra oils
    Essential oils harness the healing energy of plants, allowing you to boost your rebalance the flow of energy through your body through simply applying the appropriate oil. You can either buy individual plant oils or buy carefully crafted blends for Shamanic healing – with a blend for each of the seven archetypes – or blends that are each designed to benefit a particular chakra.

NEW: Bespoke, online essential oil blends – tailor made for you

For many years, I’ve been blending bespoke essential oil aftercare products for clients who need precise energy balancing in between healing sessions. Now, I’m providing this service for everyone – online, and delivered to your door.

Simply get in touch with me at [email] and we will discuss what problems have been affected you, whether they’re health conditions, life challenges, emotional pain or anything else – even if you’re not sure, I can help you narrow down the energetic component of your problems.

With this information, I will create a custom blend of essential oils that are precisely tailored to tackle your problem, whether you need a specific chakra boosted, your auric field strengthened or your surrounding energy cleansed. This unique blend will then be sent directly to you, with detailed instructions on how to use them and when.

Why buy bespoke essential oils?

When you buy essential oils off the shelf – including those on my store – the concentration of essential oil is limited to low dilutions for safety reasons. While still effective, they’re not a high enough dose to provide highly precise and powerful healing.

As a qualified and experienced aromatherapist, I can provide essential oils at far higher concentrations, but only for direct orders where I have determined the safety and effectiveness of the blend. Whether in combination with other healing or by themselves, my bespoke essential oil blends offer a highly convenient and effective solution to energy imbalances and the many problems they can cause.

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