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Achieve a faster state of relaxation with a combination of breathing exercises and essential oils

Stress leads to anxiety and is the root of a multitude of illnesses, both physical and mental. Our automatic stress responses are similar to those of the caveman when faced with life-threatening situations. Because we are not in immediate physical danger, we brace ourselves and contain our nervous reactions.

If you run your own business, you will accumulate minor stressors throughout the day caused simply by the phone ringing or more tasks being added to your already busy workload. Worries about the future of our business or failed experiences also trigger stress responses.

As these small stress factors build up in our bodies, we become tense and uptight, and by the end of the day, we are balls of nerves ready to explode. The reason is that most of the stressful situations we encounter do not provide us with an outlet for the extra chemical energy produced.  The fight-or-flight response for modern-life stressful situations is redundant. It’s not like we will use that energy to face a tiger or kill a bear.

The production of these chemicals that were once necessary for the survival of our species has now become harmful. When they build up in our system with no outlet, they create tension.

Knowing how to unwind and relax is crucial to maintaining an optimum health level. Yogis and monks spend lifetimes learning and teaching others this skill. And, fortunately for us, we have access to as many forms of relaxation techniques and teachers to help us with this growing issue. And, because there is a widespread understanding of the connection of stress with serious illnesses, more and more people are turning to yoga and many different types of relaxation techniques.

You can access all kinds of videos and music on your phone to help you relax on YouTube or apps on your phone. The possibilities are endless, and choosing the correct method that suits your needs can be stressful.

When in doubt, the best course of action is to be quiet. Here lies your answer to finding the best method that will not cause you more stress and anxiety; using two faculties, you do not have to think about or figure out the best way to use them—your sense of smell and your ability to breathe in and out.

Breathing properly is essential to health and well-being. The best way to relax is to start breathing in and out naturally and slowly, allowing your breath to become deeper and deeper. Letting this happen by itself, as you become calmer and calmer.

Using essential oils while doing a breathing exercise makes your practice more effective. The oils oxygenate the blood and work directly on your nervous system, transforming worries and problems instantly. The aroma of the oils goes directly to the part of your brain that stores feelings and emotions, releasing the correct hormones to counteract the chemicals produced by your body when you are faced with stressful situations.

The oils can be inhaled by putting a few drops on a tissue or diffused in your space.

Here are some of the oils suitable for relaxation: lavender, lemon, juniper, geranium, ylang-ylang, bergamot, and frankincense.

For further help and support on how to use essential oils to deal with stress and anxiety, click on the link below to book a FREE 30 mins session with Zulekha.

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