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I always felt that there was more to life than 
what we see on the surface...

...but it wasn’t until a physically and emotionally painful period

in the mid-90s that I would discover the answers that I had

been looking for. In order to preserve my health, sanity and

well-being, I sought out gifted teachers who could put me on

the path of personal development.

Amongst all the wisdom...

...that was imparted to me, energy healing had the greatest and most enduring affect. 

I started with aromatherapy, and was a pioneer in the development of natural, parabens-free and SLS-free daily products. 

The enchanting aromas of essential oils lifted my spirit and restored balance within my mind, body and life in general.

By 2003, I had completely left behind...

………my unfulfilling corporate lifestyle and, after having

gained insight into energy healing via aromatherapy, I began

my journey with Reiki. I spent seven years mastering every

level of attunement and developing a deep understanding of

the infinite healing energy that is available to us. I now

incorporate Reiki into everything I do, from day-to-day

interactions with others to my healing sessions.

Unfortunately, in 2007, I yet again...

...found myself facing challenges that I was unequipped to overcome alone. 

This time, I turned to Shamanism, thanks to the wonderful teaching of The Four Winds Society. 

With Shamanism, I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle, and not only faced my hardships

but also discovered further healing energies that I could apply to myself and to my clients.

Now, more than two decades...

since I started my journey, I combine aromatherapy, Reiki and

Shamanism to provide invigorating and truly-life-changing energy healing

which has helped hundreds overcome hardships and achieve their true potential.

As a Reiki master...

I also teach others how to attune to this infinite wellspring of heavenly energy. 

Reiki is a reciprocal healing process that reinvigorates the energies of both the healer and  those being healed, the benefits of which endure long after the session is complete.

If you would like to learn more about my healing, teaching or anything else, feel free to get in touch at:


Client Testimonial

“There are some godly moments in life when you feel just great not only in your body but also in your mind and soul!

It is exactly what I felt after a session with Zuleikha. So relaxed at all levels with a mind sharper and more focused, worries redimensioned at their right proportions.

In the mirror, my skin pampered by her natural products was literally illuminated from inside, so smooth and supple.”

– Annick Augier
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