Your “Inner power” is a guiding force that leads you to live a healthier, happier, and
more successful life. The very force that gives you the ability to have ambitious dreams and the strength to make them happen.
It is an inner fortitude that helps you to face difficult situations with ease.
There are some people who possess this inner-fortitude which makes them fearless
when faced with obstacles in their paths, and there are others who are helpless and
powerless facing the same obstacles.
The reason for this is that some people hide behind the shadow of their true self,
because they associate their “Inner Power” with external power.

And these people are guided by FEAR, fearing that others might assume that they will abuse their power. You cannot abuse your “inner power”, because it is not a kind of power that you wield to bend the will of others. It is who you are, a state of mind together with a kind of
confidence and inner strength that earn you respect.

When you possess these qualities, you make things happen easily and effortlessly.
Remember, nobody else is you and this is your greatest strength.