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3 Natural Ways to Treat Fear and Anxiety

The underlying emotion that leads to someone being anxious when faced with challenging situations or tasks they find hard to deal with is fear. Fear robs them of the best part of their lives and rips away their freedom. Even though people know that sometimes this fear is not real and they tell themselves to take control and do as they please, they can’t make their bodies obey their command. The fear they experience paralyses them and stops them dead in their tracks because those negative feelings and emotions are encoded in their minds, bodies, and energy field.

Getting to the root cause of this fear is the best way to eradicate it from their system and stopping it once and for all from causing them any more pain and suffering. The best three natural ways to root out the emotion of fear from the mind and body are Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Shamanic healing. These practices are not intrusive, do not include taking medication, and treat the cause rather than the symptom.

  1. Reiki works on bringing balance to our chakras, making us whole to manifest anything we want in life. Such as living a life where we are not afraid to take the necessary risks to move the needle forward in our businesses to achieve our goals. However, if encoded in our energy system are complex issues from our ancestral lineage or a past life, we may need to approach things differently.
  2. Using shamanic healing techniques will help us get deeper into our psyche and work on specific events that are the source of our problem. While Reiki works on harmonising our energies, on the whole, shamanic healing pinpoints the exact events that remain as unhealed wounds in our psyche.
    All wounds are recorded in our energy field and chakra system. These wounds are from our present, past, and generational history. To access the source of these issues, a shamanic healer sometimes needs to take the client on a journey into their subconscious mind to address and heal the problem at the level it was created.
  3. Aromatherapy It’s been known for centuries that essential oils used in aromatherapy practice contain healing properties to align our bodies, minds, and spirit. Used regularly, essential oils change the way we are by changing our thought patterns from negative to positive. When we are driven by fear, we always think of the worst-case scenario of any situation that we have to face. Even if we want to break these thought patterns, rationalise things, and imagine facing the challenge with courage rather than fear and anxiety, we can’t. However, essential oils can help us see things differently; this is because the aroma of essential oils goes directly to the part of our brains where feelings and emotions are stored and instantly reverse the situation.

    Tapping into our inner strength can give us the energy to take charge of our lives and well-being.

Try our blend of Inner Strength to help you change negative thought patterns to positive ones.

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