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A warm welcome from is a retail website for hand-made natural products. We have been trading since 2007, offering products suitable for most people. 

Additionally, we provide a service to create individually tailored products to suit specific needs.

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What our clients say about our products

I've had acne for years, tried different things. Nothing seemed to work. Thanks to Ur-Cleer-Skin cream from Zulekha therapies, I have now been free from acne for the past 6 months which has done a lot for my confidence. I continue to use the cream; it keeps my skin clear and smooth. 
Hannah Hansa
I love Zulekha's products. I have a very sensitive skin and I tend to have reactions to products with chemicals in. The freshness and purity of the skin products are soothing and refreshing to my face and leaves my skin feeling wonderful. I also love the natural essential oils that are in the shampoo and conditioners. These products are the only ones that I use and far excel above commercial brands. Thank you Zulekha, also for the love that goes into everything that you make.
Juliet Yelverton
I had dry skin, after using Zulekha therapies nourishing face oil for a couple of days there was a noticeable change. My skin became soft and smooth. The aroma is pleasant and I love it. 


Experience the benefits of aromatherapy in your daily life. with Zulekha Therapies. Our products are 100% natural, free from harsh chemicals, and infused with therapeutic-grade essential oils. From skincare to room sprays, we offer tailored solutions for your well-being. Explore our range and experience the power of aromatherapy with us.
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Experience the transformative power of Reiki Healing with Zulekha Therapies – where inner peace becomes a part of your everyday routine. We bring the healing power of Reiki into your daily life, fostering balance, well-being, and spiritual harmony. Explore our Reiki healing products, including essential oils, balms, and energy-balancing mists, crafted to enhance your energy flow and promote relaxation.
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Experience Shamanic Healing with Zulekha Therapies – where spiritual growth is part of your everyday. Integrate Shamanic Healing into your daily life for balance and spiritual growth. Explore our shamanic healing products, including essential oils, shaman oils, and chakra oils, crafted to enhance your energy balance and support your spiritual journey.
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