Therapy Room Essentials

My exclusive range of essential products for the professional therapy room: soothing balms, massage oils and post-treatment room cleansing energy balance products.

Massage Balms

Our balms are a blend of Beeswax, Shea Butter and natural oils with a unique combination of essential oils – designed to achieve optimum impact on their subject whether they are to be used by individuals or therapists in their practice.

A semi-solid formula that does not spill; melts immediately onto the skin providing extra grip to the therapist and deeper release to the client!

Massage Oils

An exquisite selection of massage oils made with skin moisturising and nurturing sweet almond oil, olive oil, wheatgerm oil and vitamin E and pure therapy grade essential oils to provide therapist with a range of products that will suit all of their client’s needs creating memorable experiences of their treatments.

Energy Balance

The following products have been designed to make your therapy room a welcoming environment, a newly cleansed space for each client to unwind, heal and be renewed after their session with you.


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