Reiki Room Spray

£ 15.99

A spray created with essential oils and crystal water to infuse high vibrations in your healing and therapy room, creating a space conducive for your students to receive their Reiki attunements and your individual clients to open, unwind and allow positive shifts to take place in their energy field,  within themselves which will eventually reflect in their lives.

Essential oils used are:

  • Myrrh to bring balance and harmony to your clients and inspire your students
  • Sandalwood to elevate the consciousness allowing learning and healing to take place a the highest level
  • Lotus to centre your clients and students, by creating a sense of peace and calm deep in their beings
  • Rose to lift the level of vibration in your teaching or therapy room

Method of use: Spray regularly in your environment to maintain a high level of vibration that will attract more students and clients to you.

Caution: None

Size: 100ml