Reiki Fragrance

£ 12.99

This unique fragrance has been created to complement the effects of the Reiki room spray. Use it on pulse points, wrist areas and behind the ears to elevate your consciousness, especially before and after meditation or when you are feeling uninspired. It will open you up to the highest level of your being where you can make anything happen easily and effortlessly.

Essential oils used are:

  • Myrrh to bring you balance, peace and harmony
  • Sandalwood to elevate the consciousness allowing learning and healing to take place a the highest level
  • Lotus to centre you by creating a sense of peace and calm deep in your being
  • Rose to lift the level of vibration in your aura

Method of use:   Use regularly on self to maintain your vibration at high level so that you can attract more positive experiences everyday

Caution: None

Size: 10ml


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