My Story – Part 2

Do the things we do half-heartedly truly fulfill us?

When we are doing things that are not in line with our ideals, dreams and aspirations, we find ourselves feeling drained, resentful and bored to death. It is very difficult to get excited about the ambitions others have for us, or simply just doing what others are doing. Being excited and passionate about what we do is the driving force that gets us through easily and effortlessly.

Most people would say : “even though my job is boring, I earn a living and I have fun with my friends, go out and do such and such things regularly”. This is what we do to occupy ourselves when there is no purpose to our lives. We look to external stimulations to bring us satisfaction. This is pleasure, only a momentary feeling. Most of us live our lives satisfying one pleasure after another, never feeling true joy, happiness or fulfillment.

To be truly fulfilled we have to be happy. Happiness is a state of being, not dependent on anything external. We feel it when we are in complete alignment with ourselves and our lives. We feel a sense of balance, contentment and fulfillment. We know who we are and our experience is that of absolute rightness in every moment.

True happiness can be elusive and many a times mistaken for pleasure. Like everything worthwhile in life, it is not easy to find and there is a possibility of never finding it at all in this lifetime. Finding happiness and fulfillment is usually a lifetime quest, where the journey is more important than the destination. Like the journey of the hero, each step bringing us growth and strength. I would say that for me this journey started with finding my passion first.

It is passion that gives meaning and purpose to the things we do. Through passion we find our path to achieving our mission, and only by walking on that path that we can live our truth and feel complete and whole.

When life is a mere existence with everything being a chore, our vital energies are being sucked out of us, depleting us to the point of causing illnesses and dis-ease that affect our souls and bodies. This for sure has negative consequences on our lives and those of our loved ones. I was nearly at that point when I has a lightbulb moment. It was a build up of things, which I am sure, many of you can identify with. How many of us take action?

Things continued to build up and I continued to cope, until that breaking point moment when I said to myself: “enough is enough, what are you doing?” Just thinking of that time now, made me breath a sigh of relief. I suddenly had absolute clarity and knew that I was going in a totally wrong direction in my life. But, where was the right direction? I did not have a clue. All I knew was that I had to stop. I was exhausted from going against the flow. I needed to rest for a while and heal myself from the wounds of the life I just left behind.


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