My Story – Part 1

Achieving my Dreams and Financial Freedom


My journey to achieving my dream life has been a long and arduous one, like endlessly climbing a steep mountain slope, but all the time knowing that the top was not far, yet, finding it moving further and further away each time I was about to reach it. Many a time I decided to back down, but, the hand of the future urged and guided me to continue on my journey. I am grateful I carried on because; I eventually reached the top of that mountain. And when I stood there looking at the amazing view, shouting out to the world “I did it”, I felt an incredible sense of achievement. Deep in my heart I knew that it was all worth it.

It would have been very easy to stop working, distracted myself by watching television or engaging in any activities that would help me pass the time. At the end of the day, would I have had that feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction that my soul was craving for, or would it be the emptiness in my being that would grow bigger and bigger until I no longer knew who I was any more.

I did not want to settle for a mediocre life, I was prepared go through all the necessary hardship to have the life of my dreams. I chose to be the “architect of my life” rather than living out a “script that was already written for me”.

Along the way, I needed to make radical changes within myself, which were the shifting of my old mindsets that would make it possible for me to create the blueprint of my dream life, a life in which I can express myself for who I truly am.

What my life was like?

I can say that the desire to live the life of my dreams had always been there from a very young age. I believe that as children we have an instinct within us that tells us we can do anything we want, but as we grow up, we become moulded into the norm of the society we live in and in order to fit in we do what is expected of us. We often hear that we must ‘do the right thing’, direct our attention to what is current to bring in more money. Little by little our dreams and aspirations start to dwindle away, until we can no longer remember what they were. If we have glimpses of them when we daydream, we file them away as childhood dreams.

I was living the life that many others had lived before me and simply walking in the footsteps of women who have been stereotyped by society to behave in a certain way. I came to a point when my dissatisfaction was so intense that I had no choice but to leave everything behind otherwise my body would have withered away and died.


Do the things we do half-heartedly truly fulfill us?

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