About Me

Coming from a place of wound and having experienced first-hand both emotional and physical pain, I endeavour to help others using all the skill and knowledge I acquired during the past 20 years.

In the mid 1990’s my life took a turning for the worse and I realised then, that if I wanted to keep my sanity and find health and well-being, I had to take drastic measures. This was changing my mindset and lifestyle, embarking on a journey of “personal development”.

I encountered many different therapies and learned from many gifted teachers along that path.

I trained as an aromatherapist in 2001. The enchanting aromas of essential oils lifted my spirit and in time their powerful healing properties restored balance and harmony within my mind, body and my life in general. I never had to worry about hair loss or wrinkles on my face.

Having experienced the amazing benefits of these oils, I had a great desire to share this knowledge with others and help them overcome the physical issues of skin and hair problems, which many a time are linked to emotional issues. I therefore, spent time developing a range of natural aromatherapy products which are now on offer for sale on this website.

After receiving all of my Reiki attainments 10 years ago, I spent 7 years to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the energies, mastering myself on every level. I now incorporate Reiki in everything I do and have ongoing courses to help others master themselves and lead a rewarding life.

I studied Shamanism in 2007, and I am a graduate of The Four Winds Society. Using a combination of Reiki, Aromatherapy and Shamanic healing I help my clients through both minor and major challenges that are part of everyday life, but potentially harmful at a later stage if not dealt with in time.

Over a short period of time I have been able to compare these products with other quality products in the market. I am amazed at the difference, not so much in the look but in the feel. My skin comes alive in a way I have never experienced before and takes my whole body to a new level of vitality. If anyone else wrote this I would have difficulty believing them, but this is real for me! I can’t recommend Zuleikha’s work with them, and me, too highly.

Julia Williams

There are some godly moments in life when you feel just great not only in your body but also in your mind and soul! It is exactly what I felt after a session with Zuleikha. So relaxed at all levels with a mind sharper and more focused, worries redimensioned at their right proportions. In the mirror, my skin pampered by her natural products was literally illuminated from inside, so smooth and supple.

Annick Augier